Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Possibly the best individual Supreme Deck collection?....

I met a guy the other day that came to buy the Richard Prince x Supreme skate decks from me and he told me that he had nearly EVERY Supreme deck that was worth having so i asked him to drop me an email with his collection, so he did and here it is for you all to see!!

He really needs the LAST SUPPER SET, the Larry Clark pair and the Marilyn Minter set, so if anyone out there can help him then please email me.

Props to you Jon and hopefully you will complete your ever growning collection.


  1. Hey man. By chance you have dudes contact info still?? I have what he needs. And he has a couple i need. I want to see if I can reach out to him. I am Literally 8 decks from completing the collection of every single supreme deck ever released. Only need 2x molodkin (sex & NY) 2x colen (AJ1 x 2) 1x McGinness Pantone (grey) 1x kaws (navy box logo) red 98 box logo and black LV monogram.